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Website/software issues..... - Admin rights required to install/access Canon software


I'm wondering if there is a reason why Canon has made every single step, from registering my daughter's camera, to accessing the Image Gateway so difficult.  I have literally spent three different nights just trying to enable my daughter to use the Power Shot camera I bought her for her birthday.  I bought this camera because the salesman at Best Buy said it was easy to use, and I'm a pretty technology-savvy person, but I'm about ready to take it back to the store.  After three attempts at registering it, I was finally successful, and managed to get to the Gateway, (which was no small feat, as all of my other attempts resulted in a very nonspecific error message), where I was given a link to download more software (I already installed the software that came with the product).  Now it says an administrator has to give permission to install on this computer.  I am the administrator, but it doesn't give me any means to give permission.  So is there any particular reason why we have to jump through so many hoops just to allow my daughter to upload a picture to Instagram?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Riacz8,


This sounds like you may need to repair the permissions on your computer.  So we may better assist you, please reply with the operating system on your computer or contact us.

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