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Using DPP as an External Editor in Mac Photos


Hi, new member here, with a question about using Digital Photo Professional with the Photos app from Apple. I have an iMac running Mac OS El Capitan, using the Photos app to store and manage my images. Photos has some decent basic editing tools but I'd like to use Canon DPP for additional editing power for RAW images from my Canon 80D. The Photos app allows third party extensions, including one called External Editors for Photos, that allows you to edit your images with any image editor on your Mac. I had no problem selecting DPP as an external editor through that tool, and when I open an image in Photos, then click Edit, Extensions, External Editors, Digital Photo Professional, DPP opens just fine - but the image doesn't appear.  Is anyone else using DPP as an external editor through Apple's Photos app, and if so can you tell me how you get it to work?  I have a workaround, where I open DPP first, then navigate to the Masters images folder on my Mac, make my edits, save the file and then open Photos for any finishing touches, but would be great if I could do everything start to finish in Photos. Thanks for any advice.


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While DPP has a few nice features, for the most part it's a dud, especially on a MAC.  It's buggy and dreadfully slow.    It looks like this might be Windows code ported to the Mac OS, rather than software written for the MAC.  I'm in the process of looking for another editor, as I really don't want to become a slave to Adobe's subscription approach to selling their software.

You can still purchase a stand alone, lifetime license for Lightroom 6 for little more than the cost of a year subscription..  Highly recommended.

Don't you run the risk that the next camera you buy will have a RAW format that's not supported by Lightroom 6?

Yes.  But it should not be a problem for the foreseeable future, because you can always run ACR and work with DNG files.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Great point.  Does anybody know if LR6 supports raw files from a 5D Mark 4 yet?  Several posts on the Adobe site as of last fall said it those files weren't supported.