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Update EOS 40D Firmware

How do I update the firmware for my EOS 40D? Are there any simple instructions? The instructions on the canon website are really confusing.


Hi Txmason!


Thank you for posting!


First, please make sure you have downloaded and extracted the firmware.  The firmware can be downloaded from the Canon USA website below:


EOS 40D Firmware Update


You can update the firmware in your camera by connecting your camera to your computer and using EOS Utility.  Please follow these steps:

NOTE:  Please ensure the battery is fully charged before installing the update.  The camera must not power off during the update.


  1. Turn the mode dial to (P)Program AE mode.
  2. Insert a formatted CF card in the camera.
  3. Connect the camera to your computer.
  4. Power the camera on.
  5. Launch EOS Utility.
  6. Click on [Camera Settings/Remote Shooting].
  7. Click on the [Tools] tab icon in the remote shooting window.
  8. Click on [Firmware Ver X.X.X].
  9. The firmware update screen will appear.  Click on [Ok].
  10. A window will appear for selecting files.  Select the FIR file you downloaded, then click on [Open].
  11. A confirmation window should appear.  Click on [Ok].
  12. A warning window will appear.  Click on [Ok].
  13. Follow the remaining steps on the camera to complete the update.

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Canon site has rejected my Serial number for some reason.  So:


Download the firmware the unzip the .fir file

Format a CF card in your camera

Remove the CF card then connect it to your computer

Copy the .fir to the root of the CF card

Eject the CF card from your computer


Insert the CF card in the camera and power on

Go to the Spanner ...    (3rd and bottom option is Firmware ver. n.n.n)

Put the camera down on a surface

Scroll down to this and press the SET button on camera

It should now see the new firmware file and offer upgrade

Follow the menu and let it run through to completion undisturbed

You can look but not touch

On completion, you can reformat the CF card to remove the new firmware file.

The job's a good 'un.