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Thoughts on Exposure light metering app


I'm pretty happy with this so far.

I was looking at an issue. I have an exposure calculator app that lets me know what shutter speed to set when I slap on an ND filter for long exposures, but I was wondering what to do if I shifted my view. I didn't relish the idea of having to to take my ND filter off, recalculating the proper exposure, and putting the filter back on. Especially, if I wanted to that several times.

I downloaded another app to my phone called Exposure - Light meter. It takes a meter reading at whatever aperture and ISO you want, and tells you what shutter speed to use for a "proper exposure". It seems to correlate very well with my camera meter, if I set the focal length on my camera to 24mm.

I still have to work out how much variance there is if I change the focal lengths, but all-i-all, I'm pretty pleased so far.

Steve Thomas.