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Software for CP900 wont allow me to print multiple pictures on one sheet if I pick the 4up


I have a canon selphy cp 900 printer I can not get it to print 4 pictures on one sheet of paper using the software that came with my printer.  It will only print one picuture and it wont' allow me to pick more picutres of the same one it's wasting my paper.  I want to pirnt mutiple of the same picture like I can if i'm using the printer with out the software.  I saw someone on you tube with the canon cp800 doing it.  why can't I I need help please.  Also I had some pictures scaned at walgreens to a cp put them in my computer and then added them to a USB stick put they wont display on my selphy printer why not.  and I can't print them with the software unless I print the 1 4x6 which I want more than one of the same picture on the 4x6 sheet which is why I got the printer.  I'm using the kp108in paper.  im fustrasted trying to make it work.  I have a project I',m trying to finish and this is holding me up.  I can print 4 on one sheet from my camera card but I need to print from my computer as well I have lots of picture on my computer I want to use and all the pictures are in jpeg.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello marilynlacey.


When using the Layout or Simple Print options in SELPHY Photo Print, please make sure that the correct number of images have been specified before you perform the printout.


After you choose your desired image or images, click next.  In the next window, you will have the option to choose the number of copies for each image before performing the final printout.  Use the plus (+) or minus (-) keys to set the number of copies.


Please check to make sure that the images that were scanned from Walgreens were saved to JPEG format.  Other formats cannot be read from a USB thumb drive.  If you continue to have difficulties, we recommend that you save the images to your computer first before attempting to access them.


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