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Seeking Assistance: EOS Utility Lagging on Firmware 1.1.2 During Hybrid Remote Learning


Hello fellow photography enthusiasts,

I'm turning to this community in hopes of finding a solution to a perplexing situation that's leaving me scratching my head. As a dedicated photographer and educator in the realm of hybrid remote learning, I'm facing an unexpected challenge.

Here's the deal: I'm a loyal user of EOS Utility with my Canon camera, and recently updated to firmware version 1.1.2. However, during my hybrid remote teaching sessions where I showcase photography techniques to my students, the EOS Utility has decided to take a leisurely stroll through molasses. Lag and slow performance are turning my vibrant photography lessons into a frustrating experience.

Hybrid remote learning has proven to be both exciting and demanding, but I didn't anticipate that my trusty EOS Utility would start acting up. Are they not on the same page about the importance of capturing that perfect shot, even in a virtual classroom?

I've attempted to streamline my processes by closing background apps, suspecting that multitasking might be the issue. But even with only EOS Utility and my remote learning tools running, the lag remains, and my demonstrations are resembling slideshows from the 90s.

I've come across discussions about firmware updates and system compatibility, yet I'm no tech guru. Could firmware version 1.1.2 be causing this slowdown? Is my camera yearning for a more harmonious partnership with my virtual teaching setup?

If any of you seasoned photographers or tech virtuosos could offer guidance in a manner understandable to a fellow enthusiast, I'd be immensely grateful. Imagine explaining this to your photography-obsessed grandparent who swears by film cameras.


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What camera are you using? How are you using the EOS Utility, Wi-Fi or USB cable? Using a USB cable would be faster.

You could reset the camera settings and custom functions back to defaults and see if that helps.

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