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Sdk for Powershot SX540 HS


Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is some available SDK for communicating with this camera model. I have been reading about it and I think that this model is not supported by the EDSDK. I'm I right? If that is the case, is there some other option? Thanks in advance.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings amunoz,

Visit the following website to register your account and locate to see if an SDK may be available for the Powershot SX540 HS:

Please note, the Digital Camera SDKs are not replacements for the software that was supplied with your camera. An SDK may not be available for all products. If you reached the SDK application while looking for other Canon software, please go to the following web page:

This page links to support pages for specific Canon digital cameras. On each digital camera support page, we provide a link to all Canon digital camera software available online for that model. If you are outside North America, we recommended that you contact your regional Canon office for further assistance. You can locate the appropriate Canon support site for your region by visiting the following web page:

Thanks for your answer. Sadly I can't find an SDK for communicating with that camera via WiFi. Is this possible by using some kind of SDK? I'm developing an app that has this requirement...