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Pictures from EOS Rebel T6i not showing on app


I haven’t used my canon Eos Rebel T6i in a while. Recently I took some new pictures, the pictures I take are showing up on the camera and I have the phone and camera on the same WiFi, so they have successfully connected, but my most recent pictures are not showing up in the app to import. I need these pictures ASAP! Help! 



Good Morning @arnalda_d,

Thanks for the starting a new thread as requested.  😀

You still need to supply the other information previously requested.

"Please include the model of your camera.  The file type you are shooting in and the brand and model of your mobile device.  Android, iOS and the version of its operating system."

T6i ✔️

File type you are shooting in?

Model and OS of your mobile device?

Are you using the Canon Connect App?

Here is a video for connecting T6i to iPhone.... (example)

I see you are online, so I'll answer promptly...

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I had this issue as well--I hadn't used my EOS Rebel T7i for years and just pulled it out to take some photos. The photos are showing up in the app, but they aren't dated correctly, presumably because the date settings on my camera had reset. My new photos are dated January 1, 2000, so I had to scroll all the way to the bottom in CameraConnect to find them. I updated the date on my camera and now the new photos show up where they should. I hope this helps!