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EOS R3 not showing up on EOS Utility



Trying to tether my R3 to Windows 11 computer via wifi.  My computer has connected to the camera but when I launch the EOS utility and try to pair to the camera, the pairing software window does not show any camera available for pairing.  I checked my firewall settings and the Canon app appears to have permission.

Anyone know the trick? Would love to get this working and ditch the usb cable for a shoot coming up!


Screenshot 2024-03-19 082203.jpg



I got this working.  Tried it again the next day and it's working as expected. When studio shooting tethered to a computer with the R3, will using the wifi connection use any more or less of the camera's battery power compared to connecting via a USB C cord?  I had an ac adapter for my 1DX.  The ac adapter is so expensive for the R3, I don't want to buy one, going to try getting through the shoot with two batteries. Why is the adapter so expensive??

I would expect that Wi-Fi would use more power than the cable connection (but that is just a guess).

From your camera manual:

From manualFrom manualThe linkThe link

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