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My address no longer receives iMage Gateway email


It used to be that Canon iMage Gateway would always email me with an extra copy of any email picture I sent from my WiFi Powershot 700 HS. Now I can't even get mail when I tell the camera to send it directly to me (the registered email on Canon Gateway) , even though any other recipient still gets the link.  I noticed that Canon iMage Gateway has sucessfully sent mail from several different addresses in the past, including, and  Has anyone else experienced this? I am thinking about setting up a new Gateway account with an email I don't care about, just so I can send to the account I really do want.



Hello Steve0701, 

It's possible that the images are still being sent but they are getting re-directed to your junk mail/ bulk or spam folders.  We recommend checking there to see if the missing images can be located.  

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Already checked spam and trash several times, but thanks.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Steve0701,

Please log into your account, then check your settings. To do this, click on the three lines at the top right-hand side of the screen, then click on "Edit Profile".


On the next screen, please double-check that your email has been correctly entered. Next, scroll down, and ensure that "Receive notifications from Canon" has a checkmark in front of it. Now, click on "Next" to confirm your settings, then click on the [Confirm] button.


If you continue to encounter difficulty, I recommend that you try a different email address.

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Thanks, but no luck. I even changed my Gateway account email address, but the one in question still does not receive Canon emails, nor are they in the trash or junk folders. Next I will contact my mail admistrators to see if they are somehow intercepting the Canon messages. Of course I update the camera each time I change a setting online.

For some strange reason I just now received 3 days worth of lost iMage Gateway images all at the same time.  So, case closed, I guess.

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