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Image Transfer Utility - Camera Specific Folder Paths


Hello, we have several PowerShot ELPH190IS cameras with WiFi enabled and Image Sync setup and uploading new photos to a server (Windows 2008 R2).  We'd like each camera to actually sync it's photos to a different folder, but there doesn't seem to be a way to configure the save folder on a per camera basis.  Currently, all the cameras sync their images in to a single main folder with date based subfolders.  This intermingles the images from all the cameras in to a single folder structure with no way at all to tell which camera they came from.  (ie: C:\myfolder\01092018 etc.) 


What we'd like to happen is for each camera to sync to it's own folder, even if this is just by mac address or by camera nickname or preferrably by a folder path we provide.   It would help us sort the images without having to setup the sync software on 5 different computers.  (ie: C:\myfolder\camera1\01092018, C:\myfolder\camera2\01092018 etc.)


Is there any way to configure this?


Maybe there is another option for syncing, not direclty to PC that would allow the cameras to save to specific folders and then that could be synced to our server.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Maybe a custom web service that we can configure?

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