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EOS Utility: shots countdown?


Hi everybody,

I've given a try to EOS Utility just yesterday. Wonderful tool but I've got a problem: At every shot I take, the counter... steps back of 1! For example, the counter started at, say, 5000. After having taken one shot, the counter shows "4999". After two shots "4998"...

What does this countdown mean? My 7d is pretty new (1 year lifetime), and I'd really like to avoid to have a residual lifetime of just 5000 shots!


May you give me any feedback?

Thank you,




Hi alexjohnp,


Thank you for posting about this.


The counter you see is not for how many shots are left until the end of the camera's life, but rather how many shots are left until the storage space on the device being recorded to is all used up, such as the computer's hard drive.  EOS Utility calculates how much space is left on the drive and determines approximately how many images it can record to that space given the settings that are being used.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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