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EOS Utility; "The application cannot be launched"


When ever I try to start the EOS Utility software, I get a pop-up that say "The application cannot be launched".

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software already, but that didn't help. And I'm pretty certain that the problem isn't due to any virus protection or anything like that.

Last time I used EOS Utility was about a week ago, and I haven't downloaded or gotten any software or anything since then.

I really need help with this, so that I can get back to work. So any tips/advice would be greatly apricated! 😄

(I also use windows 10. idk if that means anything, but I know that windows 11 just came out, so I was thinking that maybe that messed things up, idk. I'm no computer guy)


Edit; I figured it out!
turns out I had more than one user profile running on my laptop. Somehow, EU was trying to run on both profiles. Since EU can only run on one profile at a time, it wouldn't work on either. All I had to do was sign out of the profile that I wasn't using, and now it's working fine.

I thought I'd give the solution here, incase anybody's having the same problem.
Hopefully it's a help to someone 😄 



Whether Windows 11 just came out (it's been out for a long time now) has nothing to do with you, since you say you are running Windows 10.

Is your camera connected to the computer when you open EU? It won't open without a camera for it to communicate with. Is your camera mounted as (shows up as) a drive in Windows?  If not, you have to solve that first. If your camera has WiFi, turn it off.  Try other USB cables. Try other USB ports on computer.

These suggestions apply regardless of what camera you have. With no more info from you, that's all that can be suggested.

Yes, my camera's connected when I open EU. It used to be that when I connected my camera, EU launched itself. Now it doesn't launch even when I try to launch it manually.

The WiFi is off on my camera, and all of the USB ports on my laptop work fine.  The USB cable I use also works fine (I tested both the ports and my cable before replying).

And my camera (it's a Rebel T7, if that helps) does show up as a drive.

Thank you for your answer :).

Over the years of using Canon software, from time to time whatever program, be it DPP, EOSU, etc. will act up and not do as expected. I always uninstall the app using Windows add/remove programs (It's called "Apps & Features" in the Settings tab), download the latest free version of CCleaner, install it and let it clean my registry. It's always worked so I would give that a try.

Just be sure to uninstall EOSU before you run CCleaner so it will remove any remanence of the app. Chances are good that a Windows update has messed something up. It does on my Dell machine from time to time. I will add that be sure you get it from their download site if you decide to give it a try.


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