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EOS Utility "Camera Settings"

New Contributor

Hey there,


Seems like my EOS Utility is recognizing my 90D... but nothing under the "Camera Settings" tab is clickable. Itʻs all shaded out. I just downloaded the newest version of EOS but still no luck. Iʻm trying to load a picture profile onto my camera.


Any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


To confirm that the program recognizes the camera connection, are you able to import your images or otherwise use the remote live view shooting even if the settings cannot be adjusted? And are you connected via USB cable?

Yes, I am able to import images and remote shooting seemed like an option (didnt explore fully, but it did let me click and go to the menu).

I am connected via USB cable

Make sure you are connected with a good USB data cable, and check that the camera is in USB mode for communications.

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