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EOS Utility and Live View magnification


Using an R5 with the EOS Utility via Live View to test focusing points. It offers x6 and x15 magnifications for the screen view which I need to use to see as I dial in with manual focus. Problem is, it only lasts at x6 or x15 for a few seconds, then reverts back to x1.  I need it to stay at the larger magnification so I can see as manually focus. Any way to change this?

Using the latest version of Utility with Windows 10 ver. 21H2


Product Expert
Product Expert


The magnification will usually revert back to full view if another function or key on the keyboard is pressed, did this come up recently or has it always been an issue since installing EOS Utility 3? If you haven't already it might be good to restart the PC and then when it comes back up right click on the EOS Utility icon and open it by choosing "Run as Administrator."

Thanks for the reply Mark. I don't know if its been an on-going issue. I only just started using this function. Running as Admin does not make any difference. The issue is when in Live View, no matter if I double click the live view image or use one of the magnification buttons, the image will zoom in for about 10 seconds, then revert back to X1 magnification. I need it to stay magnified until I'm done manually focusing and put it back to X1 myself. Apparently there is no way at this time to do so. I dont understand why Canon would make it this way?