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EOS Utility Remote Shooting not saving photos


When I am connected to Remote Shooting in EOS Utility 3, it won't save my images to my computer. It will create a folder with no contents inside. I tried saving location to computer only and to computer and camera memory card. It will save to the camera's memory card but not to the computer.

Everything else on Remote Shooting is working as it should.

I have scoured manuals and the internet and can't seem to figure out a solution. I've checked software and everything is up to date.

Camera is the Canon R8.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings lundy,

Per your description, you have performed some of the troubleshooting steps that I would have suggested like switching between different saving options to see if this helps make a difference. You are able to confirm that the images do save to the memory card when selecting "Camera" and "Camera and Computer".

Let's check to see if we're able to select a different directory for the EOS Utility 3 software application to save the photos to when shooting remotely. For example, if you're attempting to have the software save the images to an external drive or a flash / thumb drive, then let's select a folder on an internal hard drive on your computer.

You may also uninstall and re-install the EOS Utility 3 software application or test the software on a different computer. This will help to determine the root cause of the issue. Another thing to check for is to see if there is any security software or settings that is preventing EOS Utility 3 from actually saving the files to the specified directory.