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EOS Remote pairing issue with iPhone 5


I have an issue with pairing my camera to my iPhone.
I will describe in steps what I did and where it goes wrong:


1. I downloaded the EOS Remote app from the appstore

2. I enabled WiFi on my camera
3. I set-up a "WiFi-spot" with 'camera access point mode' (also tried through 'infrastructure mode')
4. I connected with my iPhone to the "WiFi-spot"

5. I opened the app (the app detects the camera automatically)

And there comes the issue:
6. When I tap the camera (or icon) to pair the camera and the phone the camera dissapears from the list and I lose connection with the "WiFi-spot" (then it reconnects back with my home WiFi) and when i return to my WiFi settings on the phone the "WiFi-spot" doesn't appear anymore.

To show what I mean with step 6: (in this video that step works, but not for me)
Step 6: 05:38

I have a new Canon 6D and I tested it on a iPhone 5 and a iPhone 5S both with iOS 7.1.2
I also downloaded the app on the iPad but there everything works perfect.

I hope someone encountered this issue before and have a solution!

ps. please release a full iPad app soon! 😄



I am having the same problem with the 70D and iphone 5s. Has anyone found an answer?

Hello Leeheinrich,

When pairing an EOS 70D to your phone, do the two attempt to make a connection?  Check to ensure that you are using the latest version of the software. 

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Dear Tim,
You are answering the second question but not mine and the main question of this topic, how can he accept the answer as solution then?

Hi mynameiserwin!


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