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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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How can we push Canon to develop the wp/winrt version of the remote eos?

I don't believe it is too difficult and i think it depends on how Canon is taking care of the customers!


At least Canon should open the protocal/document so we can develop the EOS by ourselves.

I've request the Canon EOS SDK to see if it gave the possibility to develop a Windows Phone & Windows RT application that could replace the official EOS Remote app.

Unfortunately, the SDK does not support Windows Phone and Windows RT but only Windows 8 and MAC.

Furthermore, it seems it allows only direct connection through USB and not through Wifi.


The only application that can be developed is on Windows 8 (not RT) with USB connection...


I don't know how we can push Canon do to something for their Windows Phone & Windows RT customers...

Won't buy 6D without app for windows phone


we want to get EOS remote for our WP


I have two Canon XF105's and was jussssst about to pull the trigger on a 70D to add the gap you get from just using video cameras. I couldn't believe it when I noticed that the EOS app didn't exist for my Nokia 920. Good thing I have zero dollars invested in lenses so I won't be trapped with a DSLR purchase to "protect" my investment. Heck, even GoPro works with Windows 8 phone. I'll be checking out the Nikon's now, and open up to others. Been using Canon for a long time, maybe time to just keep an open mind about other products.


I have officially joined the growing number of people wanting a Windows Phone 8 app...

Add me to the list of those that want w8 phone support. I have a L920 that I really like and my wife is going to get one in a couple weeks as well. And my brother just bought the Tmobile version.

Windows Phone is almost as popular as IOS now:


So, if you think IOS is worth supporting, why not support the OS having the phones with the best built-in cameras, which is therefore especially attractive for photographers? 😉


So basically, I can get more remote function from a $300.00 GoPro than I can for a $2,000.00 Canon? Well, that is a deal breaker for me, I'll just have to look at other brands and options. I was considering adding the 70D to my pair of XF105's. I can't find the app in the Windows store at all for my laptop to even look at and it won't work with video anyway so, no Canon DSLR for me. Thanks.


I, too, just registered to ask for support for a WP8 app.  Market share for WP8 is increasing, in some countries quite rapidly, so Canon needs to reconsider.