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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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Also here's an e-mail I sent to I encourage you to send e-mails to them too, this thread clearly doesn't get any attention from decision makers.


EOS Remote app is currently available only for iPhone and Android.


There is huge demand for a Windows Phone app, you are severely underestimating the customer market who buy an expensive Canon DSLR camera and use a Windows Phone.


See the forum thread for details:


By not investing in a Windows Phone app, Canon is:

* losing new customers

* losing existing customers

* creating negative PR for itself

* decreasing customer satisfaction

* missing out on positive PR it would have gotten from the cheering Windows Phone fans


In other words, Canon is harming its own business, losing money and customers.

Can you please put me in touch with the Developer team for the EOS Remote app for iPhone and Android.


I am planning to develop the Windows Phone app because Canon is missing a huge opportunity there. With a Windows Phone app, you can increase customer satisfaction, attract new customer base and gain free positive PR in the Windows circles.

I am willing to do the app for free to help the Canon community. I just need basic technical support and/or description of the APIs.
Also if you keep ignoring threads like these and customer requests, you will create negative PR for your business and lose customer satisfaction quicker than you can imagine. You have no idea what damage a single angry customer with a popular blog and 10,000 Twitter followers can do to your brand.
Please be reasonable Canon and either invest in a high quality EOS Remote Windows Phone app or at least support enthusiasts like me and let us do it for you for free. We're passionate enough that we'll fill this gap ourselves and do your job for you, we just need basic support.
Please Canon. Be smart.
Kirill Osenkov
Senior Engineer at Microsoft

70 million Windows Phone users worldwide. Whats in the minds of Canon to lie back and relax now while People invest a lot of money in their wifi system that turns out to be a disfunctional brick if you don't own the right mobile.

I personally have over $10k invested in Canon products. That's not including my consulting work and purchases for my company. Thanks for the kick to the backside Kirill, I was looking at the C100 for my video work - but I'll certainly fire off an email and look elsewhere in the meantime.


Canon, don't do the Nikon to me, that's what made me jump ship 10 years ago.

I wrote an email to Canon and this was their response:


In response to your enquiry regarding the Camera Window software for a Windows 8 phone, we regret to inform you that the drivers and software for this operating system have not been developed at the moment. 

Canon are currently working on development of these Camera Window software. Unfortunately, we do not have a release date of when this will be.

So maybe we'll get it sometime in the future.

As this reply is more than 18 months old, is there any change in the direction?

Just registered to post on this thread...


I got 70D about 7 months ago and still nothing new about a wp8 app? Really poor service...

Adding my support for this. Just got a 70D and would love the remote app on my Lumia 820. I find it really bad that Windows Phone doesn't get the attention it deserves.


Make sure it's available in the UK too Smiley Very Happy

"Just registered to post on this thread" - me too.


A shame the app is not implemented on Windows phone as well.


Come on!

Where is the app Canon?

I too registered though I have been a Canon owner for several decades (yes back to the film days).  Please make a Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 app for the many of us that use Canon gear.  Sony has apps available.  Not having one makes it appear you are unable to keep up.  I'm sure that's not true, right?


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