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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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I too...

I just created an account to register my desire for a windows phone 8 app. I just ordered a 6D and am shocked there isn't a remote app for my phone. I hope it gets done soon.


Surely it can't be that difficult to make a Win phone 8 app. I think we just have to harass canon until they do.

@morris1773 wrote:

Surely it can't be that difficult to make a Win phone 8 app.

Don't call them "Shirley".


It would be nice if Canon posted a response to all our requests, as the last response from them was 10 months ago.

My reply is simple, as a business person I simply won't commit a single dollar to purchasing additional cameras or equipment that do not work within a system. Canon says it will work with a PC but not a windows phone, which is part of the system that my small company uses so, I need to look elsewhere for adding new cameras to my tool list. I'm sure there are many companies and creative people that feel the same. I find it amazing that a small company like GoPro can write the apps to run their cameras across multiple platforms to appeal to the largest prospective customer base yet a company with the resources of Canon chooses not to. GoPro is exercising good business practice, Canon maybe not so much.


Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. In the past I would just automatically reach for Canon when new equipment was needed without looking elsewhere at other products that may have been a better option, after all, technology and competition is always changing. The same thing happened for me with Apple, I got tired of their attitude of "you'll buy what we tell you you can buy, at the exorbitant price we tell you will pay, and you'll like it" Went back to PCs and never been happier (or saved as much money). Now I'll just make my decisions by comparing different brands instead of just products within a single manufacturer and so far I'm pretty impressed with what I'm seeing out there. 


Thanks Canon, for helping me make the best business decisions for my company (you too Apple). Being a "fan boy" of any company is seldom the best business decision. 


Another unhappy customer waiting for a Windows Phone 8 app!! ... I hope your listening and working on building one soon ... most pro photographers are picking the Nokia Lumia 1020 which is currently the best camera on a smartphone ...


I agree I could really do with this app too!!! Come on Canon let us have it Smiley Happy


I have been planning to buy 6d and now found out that - even after a year - there is still no WP remote app. Well, I will not buy anything from you Canon until you support WP too. And the later you do that, the more likely I'm going to purchase my next camera from your competition. If you don't care about us, we do not care about you.


Canon needs to get with the times and release EOS REMOTE for WINDOWS PHONE 8.


Cell phones ain't a two horse race anymore!

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