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EOS 90D won't connect directly to phone via Wi-Fi


Tried multiple times to get direct WiFi connection between my EOS90D and Motorola Edge but won't connect.  It will connect if both go through our local house network.  And does connect with Bluetooth, but if try downloading images by Bluetooth the software automatically says use WiFi.

I've tried all the recommended fixes, but nothing works.  Totally frustrating experience.  Suggestions???



First and foremost, the camera is NOT fully networkable like a laptop would be.

You need to using the Canon Connect app to connect with mobile and smart devices..  What OS is running on the Motorola Edge?  

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Motorola Edge 5G Android 13 and YES I've downloaded the software.  And deleted and reinstalled and did all the recommended steps to try and get the two to directly communicate.  THEY DON'T!  Yet I can connect the two through the house network.  What gives?

Have you tried to first establish a Bluetooth connection between the camera and the Canon Connect app on the phone?  A Bluetooth connection automates the Wi-Fi connection process.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Ability to connect by Bluetooth was noted in first post.  And that if trying to transfer by BT, software said faster method available and forces me to connect by WiFi.

So why can't i get the camera and phone to directly connect?

The way the wireless process works on our cameras is they use Bluetooth to initiate a quick connection between the mobile device and the camera - then once they're paired, they'll hand-off the connection to WiFi to start the larger file transfer. Bluetooth isn't (usually) as robust as WiFi when it comes to large amounts of data. 

That being said... personally, I've found not all mobile devices are created equal. I have a Rebel T7i, and I honestly thought the WiFi was horrible. I was using it on a Pixel 3 when I first got my T7i, and the transfer was worse than dialup. I got a different phone I went back to my Pixel 3. The files almost instantly transferred. Same on the iPhone 12. 

If your home network is a hotspot, or cellular Internet, you might have issues.

Either way, if you can't get it working the way you want, our friendly support team will be happy to help you troubleshoot! They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666), Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET), and Saturdays from 9am to 8pm (ET). 

Stephen,  the two will connect through the home network but not directly too each other.  Now I haven't tried when out of range of home network to determine if total failure of the two to directly connect.

I do see the software trying to hand off transfer to WiFi (it gives the message switching to faster method or something like that) but doesn't connect.  I've tried forcing the issue by disconnecting from the LAN and selecting the camera's WiFi address on cellphone,  but that didn't work.

My conclusion: either there's something simple that I'm missing, or it's at the other end.

Also, I'm overseas, will the 800 number work as700 toll free is generally for US calls.  Is there an international toll free technical help number?  Thanks.

Tried a different camera control software, and it said I couldn't connect because my VPN was on.  Turned VPN off and connected.  Then tried Canon Connect and it connected.

So add to the recommended list of things to do if CCC not working:  TURN OFF VPN!