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Dpp4.exe won't run


I need some help.  I downloaded files direct from canon support ....extracted/installed Dpp4 but it will not execute  All other files I downloaded work fine (Picture Style Editor, EOS registration, webcam), however, upon selecting to run the dpp4.exe the black pop up with Digital Photo Professional Canon shows up and just sits there....I've deinstalled rebooted/reinstalled/ ran /scannow as well as various command type health checks with no integrity issues.  I've seen other posts with this issue...but I'm not sure I found a resolution posted yet that works for me.  Win10 Pro - x64 build 19044.2130.  



Are you running the software under a user account with limited permissions?

Try running the MS Utility again with DPP installed.  It is sometimes necessary to search for the rrogram's numeric identifier in the registry.  If you are not comfortable doing that, leaving the program installed might work.  

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MS troubleshooter does not pick DPP up.

Presently I've just renamed the default program directory and am able to run the executable to get into my raw files.