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Definitive answer for 5D Mark II & Catalina EOS Utility


What EOS Utility do we need for 5DmkII and Catalina? 

Downloading EU-Installset-M2.14.31.12c.dmg from the 5DII support page on Canon doesnt work.

The app does nothing when the 5DII is connected to the Mac using USB.

Running the latest EOSU3 (EU-Installset-M3.16.11.1.dmg) detects the USB but tells us to install EOSU2.

What do we do?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

The EOS 5D Mark II used EOS Utility 2, it would not be compatible with EOS Utility 3. However, EOS UTility 2 is not compatible with 64-bit Mac operating systems, that would be OS X 15 and later. You would be able to use the Mac application Image Capture to import images via USB instead, it will already be installed in your operating system.

Thank you but OSX 15 does not exist.

The current OSX (MacOS) is version 13.0 Ventura. I am using version 10.15 Catalina.


I do not need to download images I need to control my camera from the computer in tethered shooting using Eos Utility.

Some people have stated that some version of EOS Utility 2 work on MacOS Catalina, I can’t find that version



If you downgrade to Mojave, not that big of a difference, you can run EOS2. But, as Mark35mmF2 said, Image capture can download the images just fine.

Thank you for taking the time to offer advice.

I can't downgrade to Mojave as my workflow contains the last version of all apps that run on Catalina (FCP, PS, etc).

I also do not need to download images from the camera after shooting. I am looking for a tethered shooting solution. If Canon has no solution for this 5D Mark II what 3rd party app would you recommend for tethered shooting.

I already use a wifi card and Shuttersnitch for wireless transfers of small JPGs, but I am unhappy with the 3s per image transfer speed. This is why I am looking for a -tethered shooting- solution.