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DPP 4.7.x abnormally slow on macos (Sierra and High Sierra)


I am trying to use DPP 4.7.x on two macs using sierra and high sierra, with the same results. 

After the first few minutes the application turn so slow that even trying to open a menu, or switch a tab in the tools palette takes literally *minutes* with the cursor spinning the beach ball.


I have seen people saying DPP was slow, but this is not even the same league. It takes me in the neighborhood of 20 minutes to open and export a *single* image. Then operation themselves are reasonably fast, but then the application stops reacting for minutes. Sometimes even clicking on the background, then back in DPP is enough to watch it spin for minutes.


Both the machines are reasonably specced, there's plenty of RAM, 16GB each with over 10 unused. CPU is shown as idle while the cursor is spinning. Nothing relevant on the console. So it must be some interaction with other software I am using or a bug I am triggering. Just can't figure out where to start looking.


It's a shame because I really look how DPP renders colors.





Sorry guys for the delay in replying to the forum.


I've just now upgraded to DPP 4.8.30, and, while not being the fastest kid in town, it's orders of magnitude faster than my experience with 4.7. It's now a tad on the slow side but completely usable. I still see the beach ball, but it's entirely a different experience.


Thanks to anyone who tried to help, and kudos to the anonymous programmer who fixed the issue, whatever it was.

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2021 R5 and DPP 4.14, nothing has changed still unusable on top spec MAC

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