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Canon's Connect App Still Sucks - Trouble Connecting to iOS Devices


How many years have I had my 5D MK IV and how many app & firmware updates have I installed, yet the app is still horrible when it comes to connecting to the camera. I know I have gotten it to connect, after banging my head against the wall, before, but today I just spent a full hour trying to connect it to both my iPad and my iPhone 13. The camera will broadcast its SSID, I tell the device to connect to that network, it does and shows an IP address issued by the camera, but the app forever says it is not connected to the camera. Drives me freaking NUTS. Anyone come up with any secrets to success? Because using "Easy Connect" doesn't connect.



Reset the network settings on your camera.  Also, do not use a Camera "nickname".

Now open Canon connect on the mobile device and use the hamburger menu > and forget your previous device connections.

Perform pairing again.  

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