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Canon R5 video import issues to Macbook Pro - Lightroom/ImageCapture/iMovie/iPhone


Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community and new to my Canon R5. I am an experienced still photographer but totally brand new to video. I wanted to play around a bit with shooting some video today so I watched a YouTube tutorial on Canon R5 settings for video, learned about the Canon log, and did a bit of filming. I thought I would be able to import to Lightroom, but the process just hung. I waited a long, long time hoping it was just the processing time. (I restarted everything, tried again, etc.) When I finally gave up and clicked the cancel x it said that it could not import them. (Sorry, I didn't catch the whole error.) I then tried Image Capture and it imported some of them (as .mp4's) but with others it said, "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -9934.) (-9934)." (Nothing helpful that I could find Googling for that.) I also tried connecting to my iPhone 11 to select the ones I was having trouble with and tried to import them over WiFi. I then got this error, "Movies recorded with [Canon log settings enabled] cannot be saved" (I couldn't even find this error on Google.) So, can folks tell me if it might be turning on Canon log that is indeed the problem? Also, anyone have a favorite tutorial for getting started (like from the very beginning) for using video with the Canon R5? And if I don't have Premiere, what do folks use for editing? I mean, I have iMovie, but that doesn't seem to even recognize my camera. If it matters, I'm shooting lizards and birds in the sun in my backyard. I'm using an old EFS lens with the Control Ring Adapter, so nothing new and fancy. I appreciate any thoughts. Thank you so much. 



I have no idea if Lightroom would be able to handle log footage.  And iMovie would most likely not.


If wanting to capture video with log (and do color grading in post), you'll want to look at a professional non-linear editor.  I personally use Final Cut Pro.  But Premiere would be another option. Blackmagic design's free Davinci Resolve (or paid version of course) would most likely work as well.


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Lightroom cannot be used to edit video files.  Use Photoshop or Adobe Premiere.

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