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Canon Connect


Canon Connect (IOS) is difficult to use in comparison to EOS Utility on desktop.


CC makes it difficult (impossible?) to transfer RAW images (forces JPG transfer - before I just updated the app I could transfer one RAW at a time....)


EOS Utility enables transfer at one time of all RAW files (can determine latest already transferred) to a desktop.


Cascable seems to be the only IOS app option for connection ease of use and file transfer ease of use.


Help Canon....





Hi Ronfucci,

Welcome to the Canon forum! So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know what model camera you are using.  
Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue.  If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

EOS 6D MII and T7i


Using Canon Connect on IOS 12 (iPad)


EOS Utility works great on W10, on WiFi can grab all photos created since last retrieval.


Canon Connect, one at a time and then jump thru hoops to obtain the RAW file itself (seems to always want to convert to JPEG)


By comparison, the Cacable App on IOS provides much more flexibility in moving RAW files from Camera to iPad (although not as well as the EOS Utility on W10)


Hello ronfucci, 

We are sorry to hear that Camera Connect doesn't seem to be as easy to use as EOS Utility on a desktop.  We are sorry this seems to be the case, but I think with the mobile format there comes some compromise over using it with a desktop platform.  We will be happy to input a suggestion on your behalf regarding this issue however.  

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The camera connects well and quickly.

What the app needs is the ability to move RAW files into  storage, just like the EOS Utility does.

Consider this a suggestion please.


The iPad is moving to a platform that makes it more like a laptop.


I use it for the remote connection to my camera (for which Camera Connect does a good job). With more options now on the iPad for external storage, 'Camera Connect' needs to help get the photos off the camera and into storage.


The prior model for iPad  use was to jam everthing RAW into the Photos folder on the iPad - no longer the case with external storage being available now on IOS 13 (iPadOS).


If Camera Connect can provide a more serious way to get the RAW images off the camera, it would then operate with all a serious photographer needs in the field.


Since the Camera Connect app is also on Android, I'm sure the photographers using the Android app would appreciate a serious RAW transfer process as well.




Portable platforms are growing up. iPadOS/IOS 13 allows access to local storage (a la USB).


The need exists after taking a raft of photos in the field to move them to offline storage.  You can't do this with Camera Connect (very awkward to get one RAW file to copy).  Yes, one can take out the SD card, plug it into a laptop and copy the files off (again awkward)


Look at Cascable on the IOS App Store.  Much easier to use than Camera Connect and allows sets of RAW files to be moved to local storage (not yet even taking advantage of the new local storage iPad gets from the new API's in the Files App).


Photo editing apps on the iPad are beginning to implement the IOS 13 direct storage scheme.


Canon Connect needs an update.....

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