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Canon Camera Connect photos from EOS Rebel T6 not showing up


Hi so I’ve had my rebel t6 forever and I have never had an issue but I just recently got it back out and took some pictures yesterday and I went to transfer them on the app and all of the new pictures I just took aren’t showing up I’ve reset the WiFi and reinstalled the app and still nothing plz help I need these pictures ASAP


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi EmilyA1,

I'm sorry to hear your new photos are not showing in the Canon Camera Connect app. If you press the Playback button on the camera itself are you able to see the new images there? Also were the images show in JPG or RAW format?

Hi there! 
I am having a similar issue to EmilyA1. The pictures I take are showing up on the camera and I have the phone and camera on the same WiFi, so they have successfully connected, but my most recent pictures are not showing up in the app to import (caveat: I've essentially just dusted off the camera and redownloaded the app after years of not using).

Hello GA_Mat22,

I would recommend that you first, reset the wireless settings on the camera. In the camera Tools (wrench tab) menu, select [Wi-Fi function], then press the [DISP] button. You should now see a general settings page. Select [Clear Wi-Fi settings]. I have attached a document to help walk you through the setup from scratch HERE.

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