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Canon Camera Connect Live View Lag



I have a M50 MII. I'm using Canon Camera Connect on my phone, Samsung Galaxy S22. The live view feature for taking videos is so laggy that it's unusable! For photos I would just bear with it as I can wait for it to catch up to the camera's movement. But with video it can't work this way.

It's Canon! Such a big company and yet the softwares is not even usable! I had the same issues with an iPad about a year ago.

I've tried both Bluetooth and Wifi connections. I use the camera's WiFi point. The issue remains. I have no case on and my phone is a flagship phone so it can easily handle the software. Please do something about this!!



First and foremost, this is a user forum.  This is not Canon Service.  If you feel your camera needs repair or an inspection by Canon Service, then I recommend setting up a service ticket with them.

If you require a video monitor, then I recommend using a video monitor, instead of a tablet or smart phone.  The speed of the ability to process real-time video by the software will also depend the number and type of other applications that you running concurrently.

Finally the original EOS M50 does not have a “Clean HDMI” video output.  It was superseded by the M50 Mark II a few years ago, which I believe has been or is about to be discontinued in the near future.

I recommend upgrading your camera to a hybrid model, capable of near high performance video and stills capture.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you for your reply! And also, for pointing out that this is a user forum and not a service center page. I will reach out to Canon for this specific issue.

I do have M50 Mark 2. Getting an external monitor or another camera is way out of my budget and is not a solution to the problem that I mentioned. Other people have also mentioned the same issue but I couldn't find a solution to it online, people with other camera, not specifically M50 M2. I believe that it is a compatibility issue between Canon software and android platform. Though in the past the same problem was also with older version of iOS, I just tested out the app on an iOS device and it is streaming as it is on the camera.

It is quite astounding that Canon isn't addressing this issue.


I tried connecting the camera in the same way with an old android that I have and it works fine! Thankfully there is a solution for now!

You mentioned the clean HDMI video output which my camera has. Would you know of a way to use a cable to achieve the live view on a phone using that?

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