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Canon 70D not transferring some pictures using EOS utility.


Hi all,


I got a problem with a Canon 70D transferring pictures using Wi-Fi and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.


Basically, the pictures are manually taken and they get transferred automatically using EOS utility.

My problem is that some pictures are "lost" when transferred. So I take a picture, the camera displays it on its preview screen but it will never make it to EOS utility. In some occasions, a TMP file will appear in the folder where the pictures are saved and if I open it as JPG I can see the picture half transferred.


Interference was first thing that came to our mind so we moved the AP as closer as possible (2-3 metres to the camera). It is a quite noisy enviroment, we have up to 10 other networks in that area...

Just to put some numbers on the table, we take up to 1500 pictures per day. It does happen quite few times per day, I'd say 50 pictures although it's hard to track so this number might not be accurate.


Will appreciate any input, previous experiance or any suggestion.

Thank you very much in advance!



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