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Canon 5D Mark II Pictures Corrupted Issue

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I was at a photoshoot last week when my 5D Mark II started malfunctioning. The pictures were distorted, all white, or partially glitched. I turned the camera on and off, changed lenses, took the battery out and back in, and changed 4 different memory cards and all had the same issue.

The first picture I would take after a change would be normal, but then be glitched again. We couldn't figure out the issue and had to cut the photoshoot short.

At one point, the camera screen even said that it was unable to take photos and to turn the camera on/off and to remove the battery, but doing so didn't help the issue.

The cards weren't corrupted as they still uploaded when we got home and still work.

Today, I tested the camera around the house (took about 20 photos) and it is working fine.

Can anyone help me diagnose the issue and prevent it in the future? Thanks.


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Greetings and welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately, if you cannot reproduce the behavior, there is no way we can say with certainty what happened.  Since you changed the cards and lenses, but continued to experience issues that day I can only guess what might have happened.

Were you using full size memory cards?

Were all of the cards formatted in your camera or on a PC?

Are you certain your battery(ies) are in good health and functioning properly?

The MKII is nearly a 15 yr old camera.  If you're using this body for business, you may want to consider an upgrade.  Fine for hobby use though.






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Replace the memory cards with new ones. Replace the battery with a new one. That's really all you can do on your own.

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