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Remote capture with EOS Utility 3 and DPP4 creates a duplicate image



We are using EOS Utility 3 and DPP4 to take images with a EOS 5D Mark IV connected to a Mac. We started having an issue where the 1. 1. First image of the day - no image appears in DPP

2. Retake the previous image - correct image appears in DPP

3. Move on to the next image - duplicate of previous image appears in DPP

4. Retake the previous image - correct image appears in DPP

5. Steps 3 and 4 repeat for each image. 

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Did we accidentally change a setting somewhere? We also noticed that in EOS Utility 3, the destination folder is appearing as an empty yellow box:

 Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 1.59.30 PM.png

Thanks for your help!



If you are using DPP4 for image capture, then how are you launching the EOS Utility 3?  

You should let DPP4 launch it in its “Remote Shooting” mode.  DPP4 uses/borrows the GUI from the EOSU to capture images.  It does not actually launch the EOSU.


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