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Can you set the camerawindow upload directory?




I've recently purchased a Powershot SX530 HS and successfully installed the camerawindow utility to allow wifi-based upload of images and video to my desktop computer.  The software by default uploads content to C:\\Users\<USERNAME>\Pictures\.   Is there anyway to change this?  In particular I'd like to have images loaded to a share directory on this same computer because it's:


1) shared (obviously) and visible to other users and devices on my private network,

2) backed up nightly, and

3) would (hopefully) ensure that content is synced to this same shared directory regardless of which family member is currently using this shared camera.


Alas, I have not yet found any menus or settings for the camerawindow software at all.  Am I missing something?  Or am I forever stuck moving files after every upload?


Much Thanks,

Matt Busche




Rather than fiddle with that sort of thing most people who shoot regularly use a card reader instead of bring the camera in on the upload process. Just remove the SD card, pop into the card reader. Then you can very simply do a select-drag-drop with all the files and put them wherever you want. 


This is not only simplifies things but the transfer rate is usually faster than using the camera and a cord, and also you don't run the camera battery down doing the transfer. 


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