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Can Canon DPP duplicate processing done by in camera DPRAW background clarity?


In the EOS R5, there is a menu item for increasing background clarity of a DPRAW file.

In DPP, there is no similarly named option.

Would it do the same thing to go to the tools menu and "Dual Pixel RAW Optimizer" and "Fine Tuning Sharpness" and move the focus to the back followed by increasing "Clarity" in the "Tool Palettes" "Basic Adjustment" "Clarity" slider? Are the algorithms just named differently, or are they different algorithms?

If they are different algorithms, then why is "background clarity" only available in camera and not in DPP?




I experimented with DPP and in camera processing. I hope this might be helpful to others.

It appears to me that the results are similar to in camera "Fine Tuning Sharpness" if one goes to the dialog in DPP for "Image Microadjustment" and does not move the slider away from 0 for forward or back. The shutter speed was too slow and the bird moved in this example image, but one might still see increased contrast on sub-pixel features.


[EXIF:Image]    ISO                 : 320
[MakerNotes:Camera] Lens Model      : EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM +2x III
[EXIF:Image]    Shutter Speed Value : 1/256
[EXIF:Camera]   Focal Length        : 800.0 mm
[EXIF:Image]    F Number            : 13.0


DPRAW processing in Canon DPPDPRAW processing in Canon DPP

There have also been a lot of academic papers recently about using Dual Pixel Focus data in computer vision to reduce blur. e.g.


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