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Camera Connect won't connect with EOS M200


I recently bought an M200 and attempted to use the Remote Live View feature on the Camera Connect app with my Pixel 7. I was actually able to connect the two once and used this feature but after they got disconnected it hasn't worked since. 

I have read numerous forums on here as well as the user manual and relevant articles such as this one:


To reference that article, I follow all steps and everything goes well until step 17 under the set of instructions for connecting via Wifi for the remote live viewing. The step says:

"17. After the camera is recognized, a camera selection screen is displayed.

Touch the camera to connect." 


But, my phone does not show the camera. 


The one time I was able to connect the two my phone had been showing me this notification that the WiFi network, being the SSID the M200 was putting out, has no connection. It then gave me the option to "switch to mobile" while staying connected to the EOS network being given by the camera. When I chose to switch to mobile data but stay connected to the camera's SSID, it worked. I was able to connect to the camera in the app and use the feature. But again, then the two were disconnected after using the feature a while and I have not been able to get it to work since which of course includes trying what I outlined above. 


The remote live viewing is a really fantastic feature for me. I do a lot of self portrait/vlogging stuff so to be able to have the remote monitor as well as all the control over the cameras settings is amazing and I very much want the ability to do those things, specifically on a smartphone as it is more convenient than doing so on a computer. But, as a side note, I also could not get this feature to work on my MacBook pro through the Canon utility software or whatever it's called. 


Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


P.s. The M200 wasn't listed when I went to "add products" to this article and in general, that's not the first time I haven't been able to find it on a Canon list of products. I'm aware the camera was discontinued a few years ago and I'm worried and wondering if maybe they don't provide support for it anymore which would be very disappointing as I bought it less than month ago and have already been having a major issue with one of the main features I want to have with it. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello MArgenbright,

If you have not reset the camera wireless settings, your phone should still be registered in the camera's wireless connection devices. To reconnect to the phone, select WI-FI/Bluetooth connection in the Wireless settings menu #1. This should bring up a list of items previously connected. If connection history is set to Hide, the history will not be displayed. You can set Connection history to Show in the WI-FI settings item on the same Wireless settings menu tab #1. Select the phone from the displayed history, then start Camera Connect on the phone.

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