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Best Compatibility File Format MacOS


Hello! I'm looking to change my normal flow and potentially switch from saving my raw files in .CR3 to another format. I am after best compatibility from MacOS perspective (e.g. previewing in finder with space, printing CR3, no corruption, etc) and Affinity/Lightroom perspective.

My question is does anyone on MacOS purposely save their raws with a format other that .CR3 and if so, why?

More background, I'm shooting on a Canon RP and use a M2 MacBook Pro which is "Apple Silicon". I've experienced slow preview times for CR3s and occasional image corruption after only previewing. Often when importing to photos, applying edits, and saving will corruption happen. If any of these issues could be avoided with another file format I'm interested to hear!



Your only other options are jpeg or a third party DNG converter, but I don't know if DNG raw support is any better.


I believe the camera saves images in only two formats, RAW and JPG.

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What software are you using? If you are using Canon DPP4 it is not compatible with M2. Converting to TIFF probably won’t resolve the problem. And DPP4 won’t recognize DNG. 

You mentioned Lightroom. Since LrC doesn’t alter the original file are you seeing corruption w/LrC?

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Lightroom CC (stronger on, trying to wean off of), Affinity Photo (weaker on, actively learning). Would use DPP if available on Mac. I'd even use photos app if it didn't corrupt .cr3 files.