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2000D Will not Sync with EOS utility Pairing Software


2000D Camera setup and connected to my router and seen in windows laptop network as other device.

However, The EOS utility pairing device software will not see the camera on the network. to enable me to pair wirelessly. I have checked that the services are running on the windows laptop , that the firewall has a upnp service registered for tcp and udp.

Has anyone successfully connected the 2000D wirelessly to a Windows computer ? I have tried on a windows 10 device and a windows 11 device.?

I have reported to Canon support and await response but I thought I would post here in the hope someone has experienced same and resolved the issue !!

Thank you in anticipation someone knows why the EOS utility fails to find the EOS 2000D camera on the network !

3 Days after requesting support from Canon UK and spending a great deal of time trying to find a solution on the internet for this problem I phoned the support because they had not called me.

I was really surprised that Canon do not include a USB cable with the camera so I had to find one from my collection of old cables. I disabled the wifi on the 2000D camera and connected the camera to my laptop. My laptop detected the camera and launched Windows photo software and the EOS utility I had left open in the background still did not find the camera !!

After several days I find the only way I can get photo's from the 2000D is via MS Windows photo software and nothing I do can get the EOS utility vers 2 or 3 to connect with the camera either by wired or wireless connection !

I have checked firmware is latest level in the camera , I have checked that I have the latest software install package from the Canon website.

The issue has now been passed to the EOS utility software support team.

The Solution to getting the Camera to connect to EOS utility via wired connection is . 

1) Turn off wifi on the camera 

2) Restart the EOS utility and restart the camera. 

Now I have seen the EOS utility start I have seen the Eos utility functions including Live looks good and seems to work.

Ironic that the Wifi Hogs the connection but fails to find the camera on the Network 

Usually when you have wire/wireless devices the wired connection takes precedence  !!

Getting the Eos utility to find the camera will probably be a similar little trick , will let you know when I find out what it is .



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