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My Canon 90d Does not work well with Elgato Cam link, and the Black Magic Atem mini pro iso


I have had a Canon 90d for a while now. everything is fine until you want to use it for a live broadcast on things like Zoom. When you connect it using the Elgato cam link for live streaming, or the black magic Atem mini Pro iso, it works sometimes and other times it doesn't work. And one can't determine when it will or will not work. I also have a canon t7i (800) and it works all the time every time you connect it to the black ATEM or the Cam link... What could be the problem with my 90D and how can it be rectified, help is needed, please.




It sounds like you are usnign HDMI out from the camera into the Elgato adaptor. I would connect the HDMI jack from the camera to a standard TV and see if you get a picture on the TV and is it intermittent when moving the cable. If it cuts out, then it is either the HDMI cable or the HDMI jack in the camera that is at fault.

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