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Best dummy battery for streaming with canon eos r 10?


I am looking to stream for youtube with my eos r 10 and need help with what i need to do so with a dummy battery. Im gonna be honest I tried looking it up and I don’t know what im looking for or how a lot of these cables work. A list of things I would need would be helpful, im aware if you get certain ones they can fry my camers.


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It appears to use a Canon AC-E6N AC Adaptor and a Canon DR-E18 DC Coupler according to the manual page 913. A USB Power Adapter Canon PD-E1 is another option. 

Here is a link to the manual: 

Page 709 shows how to set up for live streaming.

I agree with Bob.  Use the Canon AC Adapter and DC Coupler system.  The cheap knockoffs do not work as advertised and could potentially damage your camera.

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