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Microphone for R5


Hello Everyone,


I have an R5 and have recently started taking some video. I have been looking at microphones but most of them seem to require the 3.5mm jack is used. I shot in bad weather a lot so I'm worried about having the ports open. Is the camera still protected with this jack in use? I haven't found any microphones that use the hot shoe for a connection, except for one which says it's not compatible with the R5.

Any decent options out there?



As far as I am aware, you need a mic with a 3.5mm output. The R5's hotshoe is first gen, not multi-function.  I'm also not aware of wireless or BT solutions for the R5's audio.  With the port cover open, some of the cameras water resistance is diminished.  The camera can do very well in wet weather, but I'd practice good judgement.  

Video is secondary for me, so let's see if anyone else has something to add.  


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Video is certainly secondary for me as well. I was really hoping for a hot shoe option, but it sounds like that isn't going to happen.  Hopefully someone can chime in on the weather protection with the 3.5mm plugged in.

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