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Is there going to be a battery grip for the upcoming R7 Mark II and/or the current R7?



Difficult to say; only Canon would know.

There was a battery grip for the EOS 7D (both first-gen and the Mark II) - Canon BG-E16.  I always thought the EOS R7 would be the successor of the 7D, so assumed that 7D accessories would also be made available for the R7.


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Canon typically releases a grip for a body at the same time a camera is released.  The R7 never got a grip.  

The R72 is just a rumor at this point.  But we can all hope for it.  😁

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It's way too early to ask that question as any answer would be speculation.  Canon rumors have no specs at all on the potential R7 release, until more reliable detail comes to life, I would suggest patience.

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We simply do not know what Canon has planned for the R7 mark II, which assumes that they will even announce one.  So far, there has been no indication that such a camera is under development. 

Canon released the R7 without a battery grip.  Canon has never releaed a camera without a battery grip and then released one at some later point in time.  This has never happened, AFAIK.

If experience is a teacher, then I would not expect any camera designated as R7 mark II to have a battery grip.  It would be the smart thing to do, IMHO.

Speaking of smart things to do, if Canon releases an R8 mark II, then it should also be given a battery grip, as well as an upgrade to the LP-E6 family of batteries.  They could afford to completely redesign the rear panel, too.  Make it similar to the 6D or 7D2.  Ditto for the R7

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