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EF TO EFS adapter?




I shoot on a Canon T7 and have many ef and efs lenses. I’ve recently shot more and more film on my canon rebel g which is only ef. is there any sort of adapter to be able to use my efs lenses on it or is it just not possible? autofocus and stuff doesn’t really matter to me if it won’t transfer over.





No its not possible to mount an EF-S lens to an EF Mount body ie EOS Film camera, Full Frame Digital camera, APS-H camera, EOS 10D, EOS D30 & EOS D60. Note the EOS, 10D, EOS D30 & D60 even though they're APS-C cameras. Those cameras were released BEFORE the EF-S Mount was released in 2003 with the original Digital Rebel. They follow the same rules and restrictions as a Full Frame, APS-H or EOS 35mm Film camera. An EF-S lens CAN NOT be adapted either. EF-S lenses protrude into the camera body. The lens is DESIGNED NOT TO MOUNT on an EOS Film camera, Full Frame camera or APS-H DSLR, EOS 10D, EOS D30 & EOS D60. The mirror in a Full Frame/ 35mm Film camera would hit the rear element of the lens and cause serious damage. So stick with Full Frame EF lenses or 3rd Party lenses designed for Full Frame. 3rd Party APS-C lenses use the Full Frame EF Mount but only provide an APS-C image circle. This will cause vignetting on a Full Frame or 35mm Film camera. Or worse damage to the mirror assembly but this is rare with a 3rd Party lens since they don't protrude into the camera body.

Lens compatibilty .pngLens Compatibilty PT. 1.pngLens compatibilty PT. 2.png


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