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Cord for Canon PowerShot A520


Hi, I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 11, and the new one doesn't have a slot for the Canon PowerShot memory card (or any memory card.) Since I always used the card in the past, I have no idea what happened to the cord which connects the camera to the computer so you can download your pictures.

This is an OLD camera, (Canon PowerShot A5320) purchased in 2005, and I know it's no longer supported, but it works just fine still, so I see no reason to replace it. Is it still possible to buy a cord which would connect it to my computer? I'm in Ontario, Canada, so I would most likely try a Henry's Camera Store to find what I need. 

Second question: I checked the Canon website, and due to this product being expired, I can't download any software to help me with photo editing. Would the camera have come with an installation disk for this? I have the original manuals for it, but haven't come across an installation CD, and am wondering if I should keep looking, or try to copy the photo editing files over from my old computer. 

Are there similar newer files I can download from the Canon site to help with photo editing?



You can get a USB card reader, but the cord should work fine.

Just look to see what the USB "B" termination is. Generally they are Mini-B, though it could be micro-B - which are ubiquitous on cell phones.

I suggest you take your camera to Henry's and ask them.

Just make sure it is not a "Charging only" abomination.


Hi, Sheila! 

You want a USB A to mini B cable if your computer has the "old fashioned" USB ports. Like this:



If your laptop has the new USB C ports, you want a USB C to Mini B cable:


They don't need to be fancy cables, just make sure they are data cables, like kvbarkley mentioned. 

Canon doesn't make photo editing software anymore. 



My computer has both types of USB ports. Will look for the newer type of cable, as all of the older USB ports on my computer have things plugged into them already! 

Sometimes I swear they just keep changing the ports so you have to keep buying new cables! It's real PITA!! Rogers charged me $35 for a new phone charging cable when I upgraded my phone recently. Of course, I later found out I could have bought the same cable from Canadian Tire for $10!!  😞 😞 

Will check C.T. for this cable before driving all the way to Henry's in Barrie!

100000% yes! 


Your camera only has ONE USB port, and it's a Mini-B. So get an A-to-Mini B cable anywhere. ALL USB Mini-B cables are data cables. It's the Micro-B cables that come in power-only versions.

You don't need any software for the USB connection to work. I don't think the camera came with editing software, at least not Canon software. Probably ArcSoft or another free giveaway. There are lots of free editing programs out there, if Windows Photo is not enough for you. One that I highly recommend is "". Like a simpler Photoshop. Find it at <>

Another very Photoshop-like well known program is GIMP, if isn't enough for you. Search for "GIMP" on the Web. 


Actually it did come with editing software, which I have installed on my old computer. I read the owner's manual, and it tells you how to install the software, using the CD that came with the camera. 

AAaaand, some really great news - I took an even deeper dive into the drawer where I found the camera's owner manuals, plus assorted other things I've been missing, like the installation disks for my Canon scanner/printer, AND THERE WAS THE MISSING CAMERA CORD!! At first i thought it was a cell phone charging cord, but my charging cords don't fit the port on the camera. I hooked it up to the computer awhile ago, and was able to scroll through the photos that are on the memory card! 

Happy day!  Unfortunately, the CD for the photo editing software is still missing, but I may be able to transfer the program over from my old computer. I rarely edit photos other than cropping them, and I have a number of other programs that will do that. 


Cell phones have Micro-B USB ports (except iPhones). Late model cameras have Micro-B ports also. There's a "danger" with Micro-B cables. They exist in two forms: data cables and power-only cables. 

If you are connecting two devices to transfer data, a power-only cable won't do it. The reason power-onlys exist is for charging, Cheaper than a data cable.

Yeah, well this camera's port is larger than a Micro-B, because my Android phone cables don't fit. But this one does, and allows me to see and cut, copy and paste the photos on the camera's data card. So, it's obviously the correct cable for the camera. It has a large round section on it at the Micro-B end, something else a phone cable wouldn't have.  And given I found it in a draw that contains all the original manuals and setup info for the camera, it's obviously the ORIGINAL cable, which I thought I'd lost! 

It's not MICRO-B, it's MINI-B.

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