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Canon EOS 5d Mark IV + Tethering/remote


Hello, I really want use my wireless canon RC-6 remote whilst my tether cable is connected to my mac. It's helpful as I am taking self-portraits without a photographer. They don't work at the same time.

Can someone please help me? I need to use tether feature on lightroom and also shoot with a handheld remote!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi aimeelouisebarr,

Unfortunately there is not a way to use a remote like the RC-6 while the camera is also set for tethered shooting. It can only use one or the other. When you are tethered shooting you will either need to use the shutter button in the software or the shutter button on the camera to take a photo.

Through Canon support we only have information on Canon products, so we do not have information on the tether shooting features in Lightroom. If you want to use our EOS Utility software to tether shoot there is a timer controlled shooting option. That would add a delay between when the shutter is pressed and when the photo is taken. That way you have more time to pose in the frame before the photo is snapped.

If you want to use our software it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Software & Drivers button and the current version is EOS Utility 3.16.11. The steps to use the time controlled shooting function are listed HERE.

I use my 5d Mark IV to shoot video and still photos through a microscope. The camera is mounted on the microscope, tethered to a computer, and I view the slide through the camera. The nature of my photography means that I'm constantly switching between video and photo. This was no problem with my Mark II using version 2 of the Canon Utility but I cannot figure out how to do it with version 3. 

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