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Battery Grip for EOS Rebel SL3?


Does anyone know of a reasonably priced battery grip for the SL-3? Thanks...



I don't think Canon makes a battery grip for that camera.  See the Accessories Page.

No idea of a third party would make one, but personally I would only use a Canon part.


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Canon doesn't make any battery grips for their Rebel lineup anymore this was discontinued with the Rebel T6i. Only 3rd party options are available. Then you don't know how well it work with your camera.


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Canon did not release a battery grip for this camera body, which means tha that the camera firmware does not know how to alternate between the two batteries used in a grip.  It also means that there are no control signal pins within the battery compartment, which would be used with any buttons, dials, and controls found on a battery grip.  

For the above reasons, I strongly do not recommend using third party solutions.  

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I own and love my SL3... but I find the grip on it a bit small and painful after any lengthy use.

I have looked for battery grips for the SL3/200d II and can't find anything in stock and could only find one manufacturer that even made one. Surely there's a Canon with the same footprint/battery layout that should fit. Eventually I will move to a full frame sensor some time in the next year or so but would like some relief in the short term. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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