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XF400 & XA50 Picture Profile Limitations


I have both of these cameras and use them for live streaming and more traditional filming jobs. I chose them mostly for their ease of use, good sound capability and picture quality. With good lighting the 1" sensor on these cameras gives excellent results after a bit of tweaking.


My only real complaint is the lack of adjustment if you want to use the Wide DR mode for live streaming. The picture just isn't monitor ready as stated in the manual. It looks washed out.


It does come close after adjusting the pedestal down (blacks float a little high as standard) and adding some extra chroma. But I would really like to adjust the black gamma but it is greyed out. Of course I can fix this in post production if the shoot isn't live but I would really like the ability to use Wide DR for live shoots where the lighting is all over the place.


Is there any chance that the firmware on these cameras will be updated to offer this feature in the future?



@MandyDroid wrote:

Canon color is well known.

Meh... wouldn't say that too, because this special characteristics is a thing I've only observed by the 1-inch sensor devices in WideDR mode. 

I had a G40 too and that image wasn't comparable to my XA55 (it was average at the best case)... I wasn't able to match that camera so thats the reason I picked up two GX10 in addition. So I'll guess that canon "color thing" is more like brand loyality than anything else... they just got a lucky shot with that 1 inch sensor. 

look at these Pictures… great I like that characteristic so much.