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XA50 USB to Mac (High Sierra) for clip transfer



Has anyone successfully USB connected the XA50 to a Mac and import into FCPX?

I connected the camera and momentarily it was visible in FCPX's import dialog but then quickly disappears. Perhaps it's because of my old OSX? I have a straight USB cable, but some cables have a bulge in them... perhaps that's a needed function?

I am getting the new Mac mini (w/Big Sur OSX - M1 chip) in a week or two so maybe that'll work?

Thanks for your patince with my queries 🙂


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


By the sounds of it a new USB cable may be all it takes to resolve this, and I would also add to be sure the camcorder is set to playback mode when you make the connection. If you are unable to import directly to FCPX you might also want to try importing the clips to your computer using Image Capture first just in case its a matter of FCPX ability to communicate directly with the camera, although I have not heard anything so far that would indicate this, it would be a good way to make sure.

Hello, thanks for the help. I've tried several different USB cables but no luck.

I downloaded the Canon XF Utility but that doesn't connect with the camera either. Tried Image Capture utility as well.

I've got the camera on MEDIA power setting.

I'm wonder if I need their 'special' cable (IFC-400PCU USB)? Seems though I should be able to use any USB cable. Maybe not?

Hi, sunra!


The IFC-400PCU USB is just a magnetically shielded USB cable. It's nothing more special than that - it won't allow your computer to see the camera.


You may have better luck using an external memory card reader.


Take a look at the manual starting on page 117:



You'll find the entire manual HERE.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the support 🙂


I can use a card reader, and that's what I've been doing to date. It's just I dind't want to keep removing and inserting the card every time I have clips to transfer. I believe cards might be easily damaged?


Before purchasing the XA50 I was using a DSLR to shoot video. I used a USB cable to transfer DSLR clips to FCPX, Mac Photos, etc.


It's strange I can't do it with the XA50.The specs for the camera indicate it's a one-way signal from the USB port to a computer, so I assume that's for file transfer.


Hello all other XA50 users... how are you transfering your clips, mostly using a card reader?




I've upgrade my Mac to the latest Mac mini M1 with FCP, however, the Mac nor FCP can see the XA50. It doesn't mount on the Desktop either.

It seems to me the only purpose of the XA50's USB port is to connect to the GPS Receiver.

Wow, that's strange, why would a camera's USB port not connect to a computer as most cameras/camcorders do?

Removing the memory card every time clips need to be transfered is kind of an antiquated way to copy files.