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How can I capture film clips from my Canon FS200 camcorder into my computer?


I've captured film clips from my Canon FS200 camcorder before so you can understand how frustrated I now feel not being able to do it today. I have just one 30-second clip on the memory card. It plays on my camcorder but I cannot transfer the clip to my computer.


I have an HP desktop computer that's two years old with plenty of hard drive space. I've tried capturing using the memory card inserted into the computer and I've tried using the USB2.0 port. Nothing works anymore. I used to capture with ease using Windows Movie Maker or Photo Gallery.


In the past when the capture was successful I would import the clips into Magix Edit Pro 16 for editing. I could never capture directly into this program though. I hope someone can help me out.




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Rising Star

Welcome TommyVincent!


If its worked before, the question of the day is 'what changed?'  Could your computer have updated automatically and now there's a software issue? With infinite configurations of personal computers, there's not much we can do or say from across the internet. 

What happens now with Windows Movie Maker or Photo Gallery? Any error messages?

In Windows Movie Maker and Photo Gallery I click on Import From Device or Import Photos and Videos. A box appears but it is empty. The message above the box is, "if you do not see your device..." click Refresh. Refresh doesn't do it.


When I try to import with Magix Edit Pro 16 (a German video editing program) I get the message: "Magix could not connect to selected device."


I have run out of options. I don't know what else to do. This Friday I'm going to do some filming at a ballroom dance but I'm pessimistic about being able to capture the raw video to my computer. 


This is an edit later in the day. Now I can capture into Photo Gallery and then into Windows Movie Maker or Magix. But I can only do this with the USB 2.0 connection. When I put the memory card into the computer slot, nothing happens. It used to work. Anyway, I'm glad I can finally do some practice editing again. I'm just in the learning stage with anything graphic.

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