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With ONLY MP4 Footage Camera Will Not Be Seen By Computer


This makes no sense at all.

OS: Mac OS-X 10.8.5, Mac Mini

Camera: R42


Connection: USB directly into computer. I.e., no Hub.

If I shoot in AVCHD and connect via USB to the computer, press Play, I am presented with the option to connect to the computer. I affirm it and then it appears on the Desktop. All is well.

Now, let's say I have nothing but MP4 on the Camcorder. If I follow the above procedure the only thing I see on the LCD is a USB icon and nothing else. The camera will not mount and it is not visible to the O/S.

If however I have a mix of MP4 and AVCHD then I will be prompted to connect.

What this is telling me is that I must have at least some AVCHD footage present on the Camera in order to connect to the computer.

Thoughts anyone?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi lgldsr73,


I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty you've encountered with the transfer of MP4 movies from your VIXIA HF R42.


When transferring movies in the MP4 format, please use the Canon Camera Window (used with ImageBrowser software).

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Thank you for your reply.


This is an egregious design to say the least and is inexcusable. To have to use an properitary program to extract video is patently ridiculous.


Hopefully they will address this in the future with a firmware upgrade.