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Vixia HF R700 - can't transfer AVCHD videos from internal memory to the memory card


Okay, this is making us crazy, so any assistance will be *most* appreciated!

  • We have over a dozen AVCHD video files in the internal memory that can be viewed on the camera, and we're trying to move them to the memory card so that we can transfer them to PC. According to the docs, that's only available on the R72/R70 models, for some reason - even though the manual is labeled as being for all three models. The instructions are calling for functions that are not showing up on the R700's screen. 
  • We'd prefer to convert them to MP4, but again, my screen doesn't match the documentation. I don't know how, but we did briefly get a "convert to MP4" button, which we pushed, but when we selected a few text clips, the Convert button read Delete, so we backed up.
  • We have two CA-110 power supplies, but neither connect properly to the camera's DC port (I think something in the port got jammed or broken off; when I plug in the power supply, it falls back out. And yes, I'm accessing the correct/labeled DC port.) 
  • We've tried every USB mini A cable in the drawer, and none of them will initiate a connection with either the CameraWindow or Pixela s/w. (Both have been installed cleanly and appear to be running.) Is the official Canon-approved connection cable some proprietary form of USB mini A? Will the connection not work on battery power?


Re: Question #4...No such thing as USB Mini-A. "A" is the rectangular plug that goes to computer. You are talking about Mini-B.  No, Canon's USB-Mini B is no different than a generic cable. Is your camera's Mini-B port damaged?  Maybe the camera has an internal electrical fault.

Re: Question #2....manual page 143 points out why you can't do it on the 700. Files on internal are converted and transferred to SD card. Your camera doesn't do this.

Re: Question #3....Yes, it sounds like the DC port is damaged. 

Has this camera been abused? Two electrical ports that don't function is too much to be coincidence. These things are kinda delicate....plugs being forcibly inserted incorrectly, or sideways pressure exerted on plugs, or camera dropped and hitting the ground plug-first?


Re: Question #1...The manual points out features and functions that are exclusive to the 70 and 72. Transferring from internal memory to SD card is one of them. Page 140 says this.

Seems like your movies are trapped on your camera.unless the USB problem is figured out/repaired. Have you tried connecting camera to a different USB port on your computer, or to a different computer?